Supporting well-being and farming future feelings.

Our contributors are given a chance to express their feelings, recover or gain confidence through music and fashion. By joining our well-being groups, contributors meet a group of like-minded people and have a safe environment in which to express themselves.

What we offer.

Tuning in with your body.
We offer provisions for yoga and personal training.

Working with your mind
We offer meditation lessons, mental health training and motivational speaking.

Are you thinking of therapy?
We can help with CBT and Hypnotherapy.

Interested in CBD?
We can discuss options for CBD and supplements.

If you want more information on any of these, please get in contact!

Farming Future Feelings

We’ve started a number of support groups for contributors with mental health and or neurodiversity challenges who have an interest in music or fashion.

Through our collective contribution our volunteers are given a chance to express their feelings, recover or gain confidence through music and fashion. We hope to provide a platform for our volunteers to showcase their abilities and even build tracks that they can release on our record label or create designs we can use for our fashion brand.

We are running a mentor program where we provide access to training, a business coach and can even support with business incorporation.
We run workshops and are starting a program within youth clubs this year, with plans to take our program into schools.

Our program involves creating a platform that encourages our young people to rap or sing over our music, or by designing T-shirt’s that help them to detail their struggles with neurodiversity or mental health. Being a not-for-profit means that any money accumulated by the end of our financial year will be used to support other mental health or neurodiversity projects, those of whom will be chosen and agreed on by our committee.

Fewsion Collective is an equal opportunities employer.
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