A record label with a mental health and neurodiversity message.

Fewsion Beats makes music with a mental health and neurodiversity message, by working with established artists who support our cause.

Any work completed by our contributors (in Fewsion Beats or Fashion) and used via Fewsion Collective is subject to financial reward we want to help promote and support our contributors while also providing opportunities for those in our community.

The Fewsion Anthem

One day, founder Jonathan Fews was watching “Harry’s Heroes”. During the programme, Paul Merson talked about his struggles with Mental Health from his addiction illness.

Jonathan really related to this and decided to get help and work on the reasons why he struggled with standard learning systems and his feelings.

During his recovery he listened to and mixed music as a way to be creative and escape the negative thoughts. Collaborating with a few special musicians, we started to make music with the aim to help others relate, find comfort or get support.

Get the Anthem here!

Fewsion Collective is an equal opportunities employer.
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