Fewsion’s Founder: Jonathan’s Story

Fewsion Collective was founded by Jonathan Fews.

Jonathan has faced adversity throughout his life as a result of mental illness and neurodiversity.

He shares his story below:

“As a young boy, when things got too much, my brain couldn’t cope. I’d have epileptic fits and undiagnosed, I was put on “zombie meds” and told I would “grow out of it”.

During my life I’ve used a range of ‘coping mechanisms’, I’d over work, over train at the gym, use drugs or alcohol to suppress how I felt and even contemplated suicide on multiple occasions.

Last year, after five days without sleep, talking to imaginary people and thinking about taking my own life, I had a breakdown. I got help from the doctors and after what felt like a lifetime, I was diagnosed with anxiety, depression and autoimmune issues (a side effect of the damage I’d done to my body).

One day I was watching “Harry’s Heroes”. During the programme, Paul Merson talked about his struggles with Mental Health from his addiction illness. I really related to this and decided to get help and work on the reasons why I struggle with standard learning systems and my feelings.

During my recovery I listened to and mixed music as a way to be creative and escape the negative thoughts. Feeling that I had wasted years by not talking or even understanding how I felt, I wanted to make sure that younger people were supported better today. Collaborating with a few special musicians, we started to make music with the aim to help others relate, find comfort or get support.

I also started designing T-shirts, dipping back into an old project of mine, a fashion label called Garm Farm, again expressing my feelings and creativity through clothing. “

– Jonathan Fews

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